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40 Performance Review Questions for Employee Development

By Editorial Team on December 18, 2023 — 5 minutes to read

Core Performance Review Questions Self-Assessment Queries Encourage employees to reflect on their performance by asking them questions that prompt self-assessment. This can help uncover insights or trends that may not be immediately apparent to you. Here are some sample questions: How would you rate your overall performance this review period? What aspects of your role...

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100 Examples: How to Write Performance Review Comments

By Editorial Team on December 18, 2023 — 18 minutes to read

Setting the Right Tone Part 1 Positive Phrases That Can Be Used in a Performance Review Part 2 How to Highlight an Employee’s Strengths with Specific Examples Part 3 Example Comments to Include to Provide Constructive Feedback Part 4 Structuring Your Comments Part 5 Using Examples in Comments Part 6 Encouraging Continuous Development Part 7...

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15 Employee Goal Setting Examples (Smart Goals)

By Editorial Team on November 29, 2023 — 16 minutes to read

Common Types of Employee Goals Part 1 Setting Clear and Achievable Goals: The SMART Framework Part 2 Examples of Professional Development Goals for Employees Part 3 Examples of Productivity Goals for Employees Part 4 Examples of Skill Development Goals for Employees Part 5 Examples of Time Management Goals for Employees Part 6 Examples of Relationship...

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60 Smart Examples: Positive Feedback for Manager in a Review

By Editorial Team on November 21, 2023 — 8 minutes to read

A positive feedback is vital for a manager’s growth and development. It helps them recognize their strengths and accomplishments while boosting their confidence and morale. When managers receive praise for their efforts, it encourages them to maintain the high standards they have set and continually improve their performance. Receiving positive feedback allows managers to identify...

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50 Examples – Positive and Negative Performance Feedback

By Editorial Team on October 19, 2023 — 13 minutes to read

Positive Performance Feedback Examples Part 1 Negative Performance Feedback Examples Part 2 Balanced Feedback: Example Questions to Ask an Employee Part 3 Effective Techniques for Giving Feedback Part 4 Performance Feedback Best Practices Part 5 Performance reviews are an integral part of employee development and growth in the workplace. They provide employees with valuable feedback...

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