3 Templates and 5 Examples: How to Write a Strong Press Release

A press release is a concise, well-crafted document that communicates important news or updates about your company, product, or event to the media and public. It serves as a useful tool to spread your message, generate public interest, and potentially gain media coverage.

When writing a press release, you should focus on presenting a clear storyline, addressing the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” and “how” of your news. Include attention-grabbing headlines and sub-headlines that spark curiosity and motivate readers to learn more.

Part 1Key Components of a Strong Press Release

A typical press release format includes:

  1. Headline: Captures the essence of the news in a few words.
  2. Sub-headline: Offers additional insight or details about the headline.
  3. Dateline: Includes the city, state, and date where the news originates.
  4. Introduction: Addresses the main points of the news; this is your hook.
  5. Body: Provides more in-depth information to support the introduction and address journalistic questions.
  6. Boilerplate: A brief description of your company, for context.
  7. Media Contact Information: Lists the name, phone number, and email address of a contact person who can provide further information.

Part 2General Press Release Template

  • Start by specifying your headline, which should grab the attention of journalists and readers. Keep it concise but compelling. Follow it with the location and date of your release.
  • Next, start with an engaging lead paragraph. Your lead should answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where, and why. Make sure your information is newsworthy and relevant to the audience you are targeting.
  • In the following paragraphs, provide more detailed information about your subject matter. Use quotes from your company’s representatives or stakeholders to add credibility and human interest to your press release. Be sure to include their names and titles.
  • Use bullet points or numbered lists to break down complex information or highlight the key features of your product or service. When appropriate, provide relevant contact information, website links, and social media handles. Close with a brief and concise company description or boilerplate that can be reused in future press releases.

Press Release Template

[Your Company Logo]

[Headline: Make it Captivating and Newsworthy]
[Subheadline: A Brief Expansion on the Headline]

[City, State] – [Release Date]: Begin your press release with a strong lead paragraph that succinctly presents the most critical information. This section should clearly answer who, what, when, where, and why, ensuring that the reader understands the news value immediately.

[Second Paragraph]: Expand on the details of your announcement, providing more context and background information. This should support the initial claims or statements made in the lead paragraph and help to flesh out the overall narrative.

[Third Paragraph]: Introduce quotes from a key company representative, stakeholder, or any relevant individual related to the news. This adds a human element and credibility to your press release. Be sure to include their full name and title.

[“Quote from a key figure involved in the news. This should offer insight, opinion, or a personal connection to the information presented in the press release.” – Full Name, Title]

[Additional Paragraphs]: Use these sections to delve deeper into the news story, providing any additional facts, figures, or explanations needed to fully inform the reader. This can include:

– Background information on the issue or event
– Statistics or data to support your announcement
– Upcoming events or future plans related to the release
– Any other relevant information that adds value to your press release

[Bullet Points or Numbered Lists]:
– Highlight key features or benefits of a product or service
– Break down complex information into digestible points
– Emphasize important dates or actions for the reader to take

[Final Paragraph]: Tie up the press release with any concluding remarks or calls to action. This can be an invitation to an event, a prompt to visit a website for more information, or any other next steps you want the audience to take.

[Boilerplate – Company Description]: Provide a brief company description that encapsulates what your company does and its significance in the industry. This should be a standard boilerplate that can be used consistently across all press releases.

For more information, please contact:
[Name of Media Contact]

If applicable: [Note to Editors: This section can include background information or details that are intended for the journalists’ understanding and are not for public distribution.]

Part 3Press Release Example

[Sweet Treats Bakery Logo]


Sweet Treats Bakery Brings Handcrafted Delights to Springfield
Grand Opening Set to Satisfy Sweet Tooth Cravings

Springfield, IL – March 15, 2023: Sweet Treats Bakery is excited to announce the grand opening of its first storefront in downtown Springfield, offering a delightful array of handcrafted pastries, cakes, and artisan breads, starting April 5, 2025.

This cozy bakery invites locals and visitors to enjoy the simple pleasures of freshly baked goods made with love and the finest ingredients. “We’re thrilled to share our passion for baking with the Springfield community. Our bakery is a place where every bite tells a story,” said Sarah Lee, Founder and Head Baker.

Sweet Treats Bakery’s menu highlights include:
– Signature sourdough loaves baked daily
– A selection of gourmet cupcakes and macarons
– Custom cake design services for special occasions

“Our mission is to create a warm and inviting space where friends and family can gather over the universal joy of baked goods,” added Sarah Lee.

For more information or to place a custom order, visit [].

About Sweet Treats Bakery:
Sweet Treats Bakery is a family-owned bakery that prides itself on crafting delectable baked goods in the heart of Springfield. With a focus on quality and community, Sweet Treats Bakery aims to become a beloved local staple.

For press inquiries, please contact:
Jane Smith
Marketing Director
Sweet Treats Bakery
(123) 456-7890


Part 4Event Press Release Template

  • For event press releases, begin with a captivating headline that clearly conveys what the event is about. Include the event’s name, location, and date within the headline or the opening sentence.
  • Start your lead paragraph with the event’s purpose, target audience, and any significant highlights or attractions. Be sure to cover the essential details of who will be attending, what will be happening, when and where the event will take place, and why it’s of interest to your audience.
  • In the body of your press release, include any relevant information about the event’s schedule, sponsors, keynote speakers, and notable guests. Use quotes from event organizers or participants to add depth and personality.
  • Use formatting tools such as bullet points or numbered lists to convey key information like ticket prices, registration deadlines, or a list of attractions. Offer a clear call to action for your readers, whether it’s purchasing tickets, signing up for updates, or following your event on social media.
  • Lastly, close your press release with a brief description of your organization, event partners, or any related parties. Providing necessary contact information and links for further inquiries is also essential.

Event Press Release Template

[Your Organization Logo]

[Headline: Exciting Event Name, Venue, and Date]
[Subheadline: Additional Details and Event Highlights]

[City, State] – [Release Date]: Kick off your press release with an opening sentence that introduces the event’s purpose, its target audience, and any significant highlights or attractions. Make sure to cover the essential details of who, what, when, where, and why to draw interest from your intended audience.

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[Second Paragraph]: Dive into the specifics of the event, such as the schedule, key moments to anticipate, and any unique features or experiences that attendees can expect. Outline the main attractions and any special components that set this event apart from others.

[Third Paragraph]: Use this section to mention key sponsors, partners, or notable speakers and guests that will be contributing to the event. Their involvement can add prestige and interest, attracting further attention to your event.

[“Quote from an event organizer, keynote speaker, or notable guest that encapsulates the spirit of the event or speaks to its importance and relevance.” – Full Name, Title]

[Additional Information]: Here you can elaborate on the event’s offerings, such as workshops, entertainment, networking opportunities, or any other relevant activities. Be descriptive yet concise, ensuring that the reader remains engaged and informed.

[Bullet Points or Numbered Lists]:
– Detail the event’s schedule or timeline
– List ticket prices and different tiers if applicable
– Provide registration deadlines and how to register
– Highlight any additional attractions or features

[Call to Action]: Clearly instruct readers on how to participate in the event. Whether it’s purchasing tickets, signing up for updates, or following the event on social media, make the next steps obvious and easy to follow.

[Boilerplate – Organization Description]: Conclude your press release with a short description of your organization and any event partners or sponsors. This should provide background on who is organizing the event and their credibility or experience in the field.

For more information and to register for the event, please contact:
[Name of Event Contact]
[Event Website]

If applicable: [Note to Editors: This section can include background information or details that are intended for the journalists’ understanding and are not for public distribution.]

Part 5Event Press Release Example

[Springfield Groove Fest Logo]


Springfield Groove Fest: A Weekend of Music, Food, and Fun Under the Sun
Local Bands and Food Trucks Gather for Annual Outdoor Festival

Springfield, IL – April 20, 2025: The annual Springfield Groove Fest is back, bringing the best local bands, delicious street food, and a vibrant atmosphere to Riverfront Park from June 10-12. Music lovers and families are invited to enjoy a weekend filled with live performances, interactive art installations, and culinary delights.

With two stages, over 20 bands, and a variety of genres represented, there’s something for everyone at the Springfield Groove Fest. “Our festival is a celebration of local talent and the community spirit that makes Springfield so special,” said Mike Davis, Festival Director.

Festival-goers can look forward to:
– Eclectic music lineup featuring rock, jazz, blues, and more
– Gourmet food trucks offering a range of tasty options
– Kid-friendly activities and a dedicated family zone

“Springfield Groove Fest is about coming together to appreciate music, indulge in great food, and make lasting memories,” said Mike Davis.

Tickets are now on sale at [] with special family packages available.

About Springfield Groove Fest:
Springfield Groove Fest is an annual outdoor music and food festival that aims to showcase local talent and provide a fun, inclusive event for the whole community.

For more information, please contact:
Alexa Harmony
Events Coordinator
Springfield Groove Fest
(456) 789-0123

Part 6Short Event Announcement Example


Join Us for the Unforgettable Annual Art Expo: Exploring Creativity and Innovation

Next, provide essential information about the event, such as its purpose, date, location, and any noteworthy speakers or participants. Be sure to briefly describe what makes this event unique and worth attending.
Event Details:

We invite you to attend the Annual Art Expo on January 15, 2024, at the Downtown Convention Center. This year’s theme, “Exploring Creativity and Innovation,” aims to showcase groundbreaking artistic practices and foster inspiring conversations among creative minds.

Featured Artists and Speakers:

Reputable international artists and industry experts from the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, and digital art will be sharing their insights and expertise throughout the day.

Conclude your event announcement press release with details on how to attend, ticket pricing, and any relevant contact information for inquiries.
Attendance and Tickets:

Tickets for the Annual Art Expo are now available online. Early-bird pricing is $89 until December 31, after which standard pricing of $119 applies. For further details, email us at or visit our website.

Part 7Product Launch Press Release Template

[Your Company Logo]

[Headline: Introducing the New Product – Innovative and Relevant]
[Subheadline: Brief Description Highlighting Key Benefit or Feature]

[City, State] – [Release Date]: Start your press release with an attention-grabbing lead that introduces the new product, its purpose, and the main benefit or problem it solves. Ensure that the who, what, when, where, and why are addressed to engage both journalists and consumers right from the beginning.

[Second Paragraph]: Provide more in-depth details about the product, including its unique features, technological advancements, or how it improves upon previous models or solutions in the market. This is the opportunity to delve into what makes your product stand out.

[Third Paragraph]: Incorporate a quote from a key figure within your company, such as the CEO, product manager, or lead designer, who can speak authoritatively about the product’s development and vision.

[“This product represents a significant breakthrough in our industry, offering customers unparalleled features and benefits. We’re excited to bring this innovation to the market and confident it will be a game-changer.” – Full Name, Title]

[Additional Information]: Use this section to go into detail about the product’s specifications, compatibility with other products or services, and any relevant use-case scenarios or customer testimonials that can help illustrate its value.

[Bullet Points or Numbered Lists]:
– Highlight the product’s key features and benefits
– Outline any special offers, promotions, or introductory pricing
– Mention availability, including where and when the product can be purchased

[Call to Action]: Direct readers on how to learn more about the product, where to buy it, or how to pre-order. Make this step as straightforward as possible to convert interest into action.

[Boilerplate – Company Description]: Conclude your press release with a brief description of your company. This should provide context about your business and its role within the industry, including any relevant achievements or expertise.

For more information, product samples, or interviews, please contact:
[Name of Media Contact]
[Product or Company Website]

If applicable: [Note to Editors: This section can include background information or details that are intended for the journalists’ understanding and are not for public distribution.]

Part 8Product Launch Press Release Example

[BeautyCompany Logo]

Introducing Our Revolutionary Organic Skincare Line – Beauty Meets Sustainability
Experience the Purest Touch of Nature with Our Eco-Friendly Skincare Solutions

New York, NY – April 20, 2025: In an era where skin health meets environmental consciousness, BeautyCompany is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation – a groundbreaking organic skincare line designed to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect your skin while honoring the earth. Crafted for the eco-savvy and health-conscious consumer, our products offer a harmonious blend of nature’s finest ingredients and sustainable practices.

Our new skincare collection sets a precedent in the beauty industry with its commitment to organic ingredients, zero-waste packaging, and cruelty-free testing. Each product in the line, from our hydrating serums to our rejuvenating creams, is formulated with the highest quality organic components, ensuring that what you put on your skin is as pure as nature intended. Our advanced green chemistry techniques guarantee that our products are not only effective but also kind to the planet.

“We believe that beauty should not come at the expense of the earth’s well-being. Our latest skincare line is a testament to our dedication to combining scientific innovation with environmental responsibility. We are proud to offer products that reflect our customers’ values and our company’s mission to lead the change towards a more sustainable future,” says Jane Smith, CEO/Founder of BeautyCompany.

Delve into the heart of our skincare philosophy with products that boast:
– Biodegradable ingredients sourced from certified organic farms
– Packaging made from recycled materials, designed for recyclability or compostability
– A transparent supply chain that supports local communities and minimizes carbon footprint

Embrace the essence of pure, sustainable beauty today. Visit our website to explore the full range of our organic skincare products and take the first step towards a more beautiful and responsible skincare routine.

BeautyCompany is a pioneer in the organic beauty industry, dedicated to creating skincare products that are as good for the skin as they are for the planet. With a commitment to sustainability, transparency, and ethical practices, we strive to make a positive impact on both personal health and the environment.

For more information, product samples, or interviews, please contact:
[Name of Media Contact]
[Product or Company Website]

Part 9Short Product Launch Press Release Example

Start by crafting an attention-grabbing headline that piques the readers’ curiosity.

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Introducing Our Latest Revolutionary Gadget: The Ultra-Smart Processor

Begin the body of your press release with a strong opening statement that identifies the product, its purpose, and the targeted consumers. Follow that with a few concise paragraphs that delve into its special features, advantages, and possible applications.
Opening Statement:

We are excited to announce the release of the Ultra-Smart Processor, specifically designed for tech enthusiasts seeking a cutting-edge device that delivers unparalleled performance.

Key Features:
– High-speed processing capability
– Energy-efficient design
– Customizable interface
– Wide range of compatibility

Conclude your product launch press release with pricing, availability, and contact information for potential customers and interested parties.
Pricing and Availability:
The Ultra-Smart Processor will be available for pre-order from December 1 at a retail price of $299. To learn more, visit our website or contact our customer support team at

Remember to remain focused on the essentials while keeping your press release engaging, concise, and relevant.

Part 10Attributes of a Compelling Press Release

A compelling press release should grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Here are some key attributes to consider when crafting your press release.

1. Strong headlines: Your headlines should be eye-catching, informative, and relevant. Use action-oriented words that pique the reader’s curiosity. For example, instead of “New Product Launches Today,” try “Revolutionary Product Launches Today, Changes Industry Landscape.”

2. Informative subheadings: Subheadings provide a brief summary of the key points in the press release. They allow the reader to quickly gather essential information. Make it concise and informative, like “Groundbreaking Features Set New Standards in the Market.”

3. Clear and concise content: Avoid jargon, buzzwords, and industry-specific terminology that may confuse readers. Stick to the facts and keep your sentences simple. For example, “Our product has improved efficiency by 20% compared to previous models” is clear and to the point.

4. Newsworthy information: Focus on the most significant points and explain why your announcement is essential to your target audience. Emphasize aspects like product novelty, benefits to customers, or how it addresses an existing problem.

5. Quotes from key figures: Include quotes from company executives, partners, or industry experts to give more weight to your announcement. Ensure the quotes are insightful and relevant, showcasing your company’s credibility and expertise.

6. Easy-to-read format: Break up long paragraphs with bullet points, lists, and images to make your press release more visually appealing and accessible.

7. Call to action: Within your press release, provide clear guidance on what you want the reader to do next. This could be directing them to a website, inviting them to attend an event, or encouraging them to get in touch with your team.

Part 11Defining Your Press Release Goals

Announcement Goals

When crafting a press release, consider what announcement goals you want to achieve. These may include launching a new product, sharing updates about your organization, or announcing a collaboration. Be clear about your goals and stick to the main points.

Marketing Goals

Besides announcements, keep in mind your marketing goals. A press release can help generate buzz around your product or brand, attract potential customers, or retain existing ones. Mention the main features of your offerings and give reasons why readers should be interested.

Relationship Goals

Relationship goals include building a rapport with journalists and media outlets. This can increase the chance of future coverage.

Part 12Crafting a Press Release Headline

Writing a compelling press release headline is the key to capturing the attention of journalists and editors. A catchy headline is like a window to your story, offering a glimpse into what your press release has to offer.

  • Make sure your headline clearly communicates the core message of your press release.
  • Active verbs and short phrases work well in headlines. Try using numbers or statistics to add a sense of authority to your headline. For example, instead of writing “Company X Launches New Product Offering,” consider “Company X’s Revolutionary Product Surges Sales by 50%.”
  • Avoid using jargon and technical terms that make your headline harder to understand.
  • Don’t make your headline too long; aim for less than twelve words to keep it punchy and easily consumable.

Part 13Establishing a Strong Lead

Your press release’s success begins with a strong lead. Start off with an attention-grabbing headline that summarizes the main message and stimulates curiosity. Keep it concise and make it relevant to your target audience. Use active verbs and direct language that instantly conveys the most important aspects of your news.

  • In the first paragraph, be sure to address the who, what, when, where, and why of your news. Make this information as clear and compelling as possible. This is your opportunity to draw readers in, so don’t bury the vital details deep within the press release.
  • After establishing your powerful lead, continue the momentum by building on the essential information you’ve introduced. Expand on specifics by using relevant quotes from key stakeholders, such as company executives or industry experts. This allows you to inject personality and authority to your message, while also backing up the claims you’re making.
  • Throughout your press release, stay focused on the main points. Avoid overloading readers with excessive jargon or unrelated information. Keep your press release well-structured and allow readers to easily navigate through it.
  • Make sure your press release is proofread and free from grammatical errors or typos. A polished and well-written release represents your brand’s professionalism and credibility.

Part 14Writing the Body of Your Press Release

  • The body of your press release is where you provide the meat of your story. To make it engaging and informative, start by crafting a compelling opening paragraph. This should include the answers to who, what, where, when, and why. It’s important to captivate your audience from the beginning, so make sure your hook is strong.
  • Your following paragraphs should offer more in-depth details. For example, if your press release is about a product launch, include specifics about the product like its features, pricing, and availability. For an event press release, provide information about the speakers, schedule, and link for registration.
  • To ensure readability, break down your content into short paragraphs, and utilize bullet points and bold text to emphasize important information. This will make it simple for readers to skim and make your press release more efficient. Here’s an example of how your press release body might look:
  • You can include a few quotes from relevant people, such as the company CEO or a spokesperson. These add credibility to your press release and offer a human element to your story. Don’t forget to verify the quotes for accuracy and always provide the source’s full name and title.
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Part 15Including Relevant Quotes

One of the keys to a successful press release is including powerful and relevant quotes. These quotes come from various sources that support your story or announcement. There are two major types of quotes: Expert Inputs and Customer Testimonials. Let’s dive into each of them.

Expert Inputs

Expert inputs are insightful comments or endorsements from industry authorities, stakeholders, or prominent individuals in your field. Including expert quotes in your press release adds credibility and trustworthiness to your announcement. For example:

“Our new eco-friendly product line is a major step towards sustainability and has received enthusiastic feedback from environmentalists,” says Jane Smith, a renowned environmentalist and climate activist.

To leverage expert inputs effectively, you should:

  • Choose reliable and relevant experts.
  • Ensure the quote is concise, engaging, and reinforces your main message.
  • Properly attribute the quote to the expert, mentioning their designation and relevance to the subject.

Customer Testimonials

Another valuable type of quote is a customer testimonial. These offer the reader a firsthand perspective on the positive experiences or benefits gained from your product or service. Including such testimonials humanizes your press release and makes it more relatable. For instance:

“I was skeptical at first, but after trying out Company (…)’s fitness app for a week, I saw significant improvements in my workout routine,” shares regular user John Smith.

To make the most of customer testimonials, be sure to:

  • Pick genuine and verified customers to ensure authenticity.
  • Share their specific experience or success story in their own words.
  • Highlight the unique selling points or key features of your product or service through the testimonial.

Part 16Closing the Press Release with a Call to Action

In your press release, it’s important to include a clear call to action (CTA) after presenting all the crucial information. The CTA tells the reader what you want them to do next, effectively guiding them toward the desired action, such as visiting your website or trying your product.

  • To create an effective CTA, use actionable, persuasive language that creates a sense of urgency in the reader. For example, “Visit our website for a limited-time special offer” or “Register now to secure your spot at our exclusive event.”
  • Offering incentives or rewards in your CTA can also help to drive engagement. Consider special offers or discounts, exclusive content, or giveaways to entice your audience further. For example, “Sign up today to receive 20% off your first purchase” or “Pre-order our new product and get a bonus accessory.”
  • Make sure to include relevant contact information or links to make it as easy as possible for readers to take the desired action. This can be a phone number, email address, website URL, or, for events, a registration link. For example, “Call us at (555) 555-5555 to book your appointment” or “Follow this link to register for our webinar.”

Part 17Press Release Format and Structure Guide

When you create your press release, it’s important to follow the standard format and structure. This ensures that the journalists and readers can easily find the key information they need. Let’s dive into the essential elements you need to include in your press release:

1. Headline: Your headline should be attention-grabbing and concise, conveying the main point of your press release. Keep it short, around six to eight words, and try to entice the reader to want to know more.

2. Subheadline: This is a supplementary sentence or phrase providing extra information about the news. Use it to emphasize a crucial point or to clearly explain the headline’s focus.

3. Dateline: Make sure to include the city from where the press release is being issued, and the date. It should be in the format of “CITY, State, Month Day, Year.”

4. Introduction: Craft a compelling introduction that addresses the who, what, when, where, and why. This is the hook, so keep it interesting and concise.

5. Body: This is where you’ll provide more in-depth details about the newsworthy story. Use paragraphs and bullet points for easier reading, and be sure to include any essential facts and quotes to support your news. This is also a good place for you to include some background information on your company or the topic.

6. Boilerplate: A short paragraph about your company, including a brief background and contact information, should be placed at the end of the press release. This is helpful for journalists who want to know more about your organization.

7. Contact details: Always provide contact information for media inquiries. Include the name, phone number, and email address of the person responsible for fielding media inquiries.

Part 18Tips for Distributing Your Press Release

When you’re ready to share your press release with the world, here are some tips to make sure it reaches the right people and gets the attention it deserves:

  • First, think about your target audience and craft a distribution list that includes relevant journalists, bloggers, and other influencers. Reach out to them directly, but also send your press release to reputable press release distribution services. These services can expand your reach and help your press release get picked up by various news outlets.
  • Next, make sure to personalize your message when sharing your press release. This means addressing each recipient by name and mentioning something specific that might interest them about your news. This personal touch will increase the chance of your press release being read and ultimately shared.
  • Timing is also key. Look for upcoming industry events, holidays, or news cycles where your press release fits nicely. For example, if you are launching a new environmentally-friendly product, try to release it around Earth Day, when journalists are looking for related content.
  • Finally, leverage social media to give your press release additional exposure. Share the news on your company’s social media channels and engage with users who show interest. Tag relevant influencers and journalists in your posts, encouraging them to read and share your press release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key components of an effective press release?

A powerful press release generally has a compelling headline, a strong lead, clear and concise body text, a quote, and contact information. Your headline should grab attention, while the lead should provide a summary of the crucial information. Break the body text into short paragraphs covering the who, what, when, where, and why. Quotes help humanize your story, and contact information enables reporters and readers to get in touch with you.

How can I structure my press release for maximum impact?

Effective structuring begins with a captivating headline to catch the reader’s interest. Then, outline the main points in the lead, followed by well-organized paragraphs detailing your announcement. Use subheadings, bullet points, or numbered lists to break up large chunks of text. Be sure to end with your company’s boilerplate and your contact information.

What’s the ideal length for a press release?

Aim for a one-page press release, with a word count of around 300-500 words. Keep your content succinct, and ensure it provides your audience with all the necessary details. In some cases, longer press releases may be required, but always prioritize clarity and conciseness over length.

How do I tailor a press release for a specific event or announcement?

First, understand the core message you want to convey and make it the central focus of your press release. Adapt the headline, lead, and body to fit the event or announcement, with emphasis on relevance and timeliness. Use quotes from key stakeholders or participants to add a personal touch and context to the story.


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