Attitude: 25 Performance Review Phrases Examples

Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples for Attitude

In the workplace, attitude is a key component that contributes to the efficacy and growth of individuals as well as teams. This list of phrases and paragraphs examples provides a framework for addressing employee attitudes in a professional manner during performance reviews.

5 – Outstanding

Outstanding rating is awarded to employees who consistently excel in their roles. They surpass their goals, actively contribute to the team’s success, and show impressive initiative, problem-solving ability, and creativity. Their positive attitude and excellent communication skills set an example for others.

Phrases Examples:

  • Demonstrates a consistently positive and enthusiastic approach to work.
  • Readily accepts challenges with an upbeat attitude and strong perseverance.
  • Proactively seeks ways to improve the work environment by addressing feedback openly and constructively.
  • Actively engages in problem-solving while always maintaining a positive outlook.
  • Demonstrates positivity and enthusiasm in every task.
  • Always optimistic, even in challenging situations.
  • Handles criticism with grace and takes it as an opportunity for growth.
  • Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, making a positive impact on team morale.
  • Always has an encouraging word for colleagues, promoting collaboration and unity.

Paragraph Examples:

“Jane consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, making a positive impact on team morale. She understands the importance of maintaining a cheerful disposition and always has an encouraging word for colleagues, promoting collaboration and unity within the team.”

“Mary’s outstanding performance rating for her attitude is a testament to her unwavering commitment to maintaining a positive outlook in the workplace. Her cheerful demeanor and optimistic approach have been a source of inspiration for her colleagues, and she has proven time and again to be an invaluable asset to the team. Even in the face of difficult situations, Mary’s ability to remain level-headed and constructive has helped to diffuse tense situations and keep the team focused on achieving their goals. Her dedication to maintaining a positive work environment is truly remarkable, and we are grateful to have her as a member of our team.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

Exceeds Expectations rating is assigned to employees who consistently perform at a high level. They not only meet but consistently surpass expectations. Their attitude is proactive, goal-oriented, and they willingly embrace additional responsibilities. These employees often act as team leaders and drive continuous improvements in their units.

Phrases Examples:

  • Often exhibits a positive outlook and willingly tackles challenging tasks.
  • Regularly offers support and encouragement to colleagues, contributing to a positive work environment.
  • Adopts a constructive approach to feedback and demonstrates the ability to adapt accordingly.
  • Embraces challenges and delivers results, showcasing a hardworking attitude.
  • Often exhibits a positive outlook.
  • Goes the extra mile to maintain a good attitude.
  • Remains constructive in the face of adversity.
  • Frequently offers solutions, fostering a proactive and solution-oriented mindset.
  • Often goes out of their way to help others, embodying the team spirit.

Paragraph Examples:

“John frequently offers solutions to challenges, fostering a proactive and solution-oriented mindset amongst his peers. He often goes out of his way to help others, embodying the team spirit and contributing significantly to the overall success of his team.”

“Catherine has exceeded expectations when it comes to her attitude. She demonstrates an ability to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a positive approach. She also makes an effort to support her colleagues during challenging times, contributing to a positive work environment.”

3 – Meets Expectations

Meets Expectations rating signifies that the employee consistently fulfills their responsibilities and achieves their goals. They demonstrate a positive attitude, decent communication skills, and maintain a satisfactory level of productivity. This rating acknowledges that the employee is meeting the requirements of their job.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Maintains a generally positive attitude while completing tasks.
  • Cooperates effectively with colleagues and seeks ways to resolve conflicts.
  • Exhibits an open-minded attitude when receiving feedback and demonstrates a willingness to make changes.
  • Approaches challenges with a sense of determination and focus.
  • Generally maintains a pleasant demeanor.
  • Can stay focused despite setbacks.
  • Responsive to feedback and open to change.
  • Maintains a steady level of motivation and enthusiasm during work tasks.
  • Generally open to feedback and willing to learn from constructive criticism.

Paragraph Examples:

“Mary maintains a steady level of motivation and enthusiasm during work tasks. She is generally open to feedback and is willing to learn from constructive criticism, showing her adaptability and receptiveness to personal growth.”

“John consistently meets expectations in terms of his attitude. He demonstrates a professional demeanor that allows him to collaborate effectively with his peers and work through difficult situations.”

2 – Needs Improvement

Employees rated as Needs Improvement, are those that demonstrate inconsistent performance or require additional support to achieve their goals. They may struggle to maintain a positive attitude or have occasional lapses in communication, which can hinder their overall productivity. These employees are encouraged to create a development plan to address gaps and enhance their performance.

Phrases Examples:

  • Displays occasional negativity or resistance to taking on tasks outside of their comfort zone.
  • Sometimes struggles to work effectively with others or communicates in a manner that can be abrasive.
  • Demonstrates reluctance to accept feedback or may react defensively to constructive criticism.
  • Requires encouragement or guidance to maintain focus during challenging situations.
  • Sometimes manifests negativity or cynicism.
  • Struggles to maintain a positive outlook during stressful situations.
  • Resistant to some forms of feedback or change.
  • Sometimes displays negativity, which can affect the team’s motivation.
  • Occasionally fails to collaborate effectively, leading to communication breakdowns.

Paragraph Examples:

“Bob sometimes displays negativity in the workplace, affecting the team’s motivation and overall performance. He occasionally fails to collaborate effectively, leading to communication breakdowns that cause setbacks to project progression.”

“Sara sometimes struggles with maintaining a positive attitude, particularly when facing challenging circumstances or conflicts within the team. While she is capable of accomplishing her tasks, her negative approach can result in decreased morale among her peers. Sara’s attitude could benefit from improvement.”

1 – Unacceptable

Unacceptable rating is reserved for employees performing significantly below expectations. They consistently fail to achieve their goals, demonstrate a negative attitude, and their communication skills are poor. Immediate action is required to address these issues, including the development of a performance improvement plan.

Phrases Examples:

  • Regularly exhibits a negative attitude towards work, often hindering progress and team morale.
  • Engages in inappropriate behavior that disrupts the work environment or causes conflicts.
  • Consistently disregards feedback, shows no interest in growth or personal development.
  • Avoids challenges and displays a lack of effort, indicating a possible issue with work ethic.
  • Frequently displays a negative attitude.
  • Unwilling to adapt to change or accept feedback.
  • Allows personal emotions to adversely affect performance.
  • Consistently demonstrates a negative attitude, causing disturbances to the work environment.
  • Frequently displays reluctance to participate in teamwork and disregards colleagues’ opinions.
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Paragraph Examples:

“Sue consistently demonstrates a negative attitude, causing disturbances in the work environment. She frequently displays reluctance to participate in teamwork and disregards colleagues’ opinions, hampering overall productivity and team harmony.”

“Tom has demonstrated an unacceptable attitude in the workplace, often expressing frustration and negativity when approachability and flexibility are needed. This has resulted in strained relationships with colleagues and decreased team cohesion. Tom’s attitude must be addressed in order for him to succeed in his role.”

Performance Review Questions: Attitude

1. Is the employee positive and enthusiastic about their work?
2. Does the employee demonstrate a willingness to learn and take on new challenges?
3. Does the employee display a can-do attitude and take initiative to get things done?
4. Does the employee work well with others and contribute to a positive team environment?
5. Does the employee handle difficult situations with a calm and professional demeanor?
6. Does the employee take responsibility for their actions and admit to mistakes when they occur?
7. Does the employee consistently meet deadlines and produce high-quality work?
8. Does the employee show a commitment to the company’s values and mission?
9. Does the employee maintain a professional and respectful demeanor towards colleagues and customers?
10. Does the employee demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond their job duties to help the company succeed?

Best Practices

  • Be specific when referencing employee behavior. Providing concrete examples makes your feedback more constructive and actionable.
  • Focus on the employee’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. By highlighting their accomplishments and drawing attention to their potential, you demonstrate that you recognize their value while also setting goals for future development.
  • Maintain a balanced perspective by considering both the past and the present to paint a comprehensive picture of the employee’s attitude. This ensures that your review doesn’t overlook essential context or weigh too heavily on recent events.
  • Remember that the purpose of a performance review is not only to evaluate but also to guide and motivate. Use your words to empower your employee by providing constructive feedback and setting clear expectations for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I assess attitude in a performance review?

Assessing an employee’s attitude in a performance review entails observing their behavior, communication, and reactions to situations in the workplace. Look for signs of a positive or negative attitude, such as their ability to take criticism, how they interact with colleagues, and how they handle difficult situations. Document their responses and use specific examples to discuss and evaluate their attitude.

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What phrases can I use to describe an employee’s attitude?

5 – Outstanding:

  • Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude
  • Always eager to learn and improve
  • Proactively addresses challenges with a solution-oriented mindset

4 – Exceeds Expectations:

  • Frequently displays a positive attitude
  • Accepts feedback well and makes efforts to improve
  • Seeks opportunities to grow and develop professionally

3 – Meets Expectations:

  • Generally maintains a positive attitude
  • Listens to feedback and makes an effort to improve
  • Demonstrates adaptability in varying situations

2 – Needs Improvement:

  • Occasionally struggles with maintaining a positive attitude
  • Could be more receptive to feedback and criticism
  • Hesitates to take on new tasks or responsibilities

1 – Unacceptable:

  • Displays a negative attitude that negatively affects the team
  • Resists feedback and refuses to make necessary improvements
  • Lacks the ability to adapt to change and causes friction in the workplace

How can I address positive and negative attitudes in a performance review?

During a performance review, recognize the positive attitude of employees by praising their efforts, using specific examples to reinforce their value to the team. When addressing negative attitudes, be honest, fair, and provide constructive feedback that is both specific and solution-oriented. Offer support and resources to help employees improve their attitude and suggest an action plan for improvement.

What are examples of paragraphs for attitude in a performance review?

Example for Outstanding Attitude:

“John consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and actively contributes to the team’s success. He is always eager to learn and embraces new challenges with enthusiasm. His optimism and solution-oriented mindset have a positive influence on his colleagues and make him a valuable member of the team.”

Example for Needs Improvement:

“Susan sometimes struggles with maintaining a positive attitude, which can create tension in the team. She should be more open to receiving feedback and work on finding ways to improve her outlook. We encourage Susan to seek additional resources, such as training or mentorship, to help her develop a more positive demeanor at work.”

How can I use the rating scale to evaluate attitude in a performance review?

Utilize the rating scale by linking specific behaviors and actions to their corresponding ratings. For an employee who consistently displays a positive attitude and embraces change, rate them as ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Exceeds Expectations.’ An employee who is resistant to feedback and struggles with adaptability might receive a rating of ‘Needs Improvement’ or ‘Unacceptable.’ Ensure that these ratings are supported by specific examples observed over the evaluation period.

What are some effective attitude performance review phrases for managers?

  • “Demonstrates strong leadership through a positive attitude and effective communication”
  • “Creates an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and teamwork”
  • “Inspires trust and confidence in their team by maintaining a solution-focused mindset”
  • “Responds well to feedback and consistently looks for ways to improve their own performance”
  • “Actively supports the personal and professional growth of team members through mentorship and guidance”
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