Flexibility: Performance Review Examples (Rating 1 – 5)

Flexibility is a highly valued skill in the workplace: it demonstrates an employee’s ability to adapt to new situations, learn from experience, and quickly adjust their approach to tasks and projects. Employees who are flexible can work effectively in various roles, tasks, and environments, and are able to shift their focus based on changing priorities.

A flexible employee is open to learning new methods and skillsets, works well under pressure, and can think critically when faced with unexpected challenges. They are more likely to embrace change and find creative solutions to complex problems.

To determine an employee’s rating for flexibility, consider the following questions:

1. Did the employee demonstrate a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and take on new challenges?
2. Did the employee show a positive attitude towards change and remain calm and focused when faced with unexpected situations?
3. Did the employee effectively manage their workload and priorities, and adjust their schedule as needed to meet changing demands?
4. Did the employee demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with others and support team members in achieving shared goals?
5. Did the employee show a willingness to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities?

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Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples For Flexibility

5 – Outstanding

Example Phrases

  • Exceptionally adaptable to new situations and changes
  • Quick to embrace new ideas and methods
  • Consistently finds creative solutions under pressure

Example Paragraph

“Susan consistently demonstrates exceptional flexibility in her role. She is always quick to adapt to new situations, embracing new ideas and approaches with enthusiasm. Her ability to think creatively and find innovative solutions under pressure has greatly contributed to the success of our team.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

Example Phrases

  • Adapts to new situations with ease
  • Open to new methods and ideas
  • Often finds creative solutions under pressure
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Example Paragraph

“Mark exceeds expectations in displaying flexibility. He consistently adapts to new situations, taking them in stride and adjusting his approach as needed. Mark is always open to new ideas and methods, which has resulted in a more efficient workflow for the team.”

3 – Meets Expectations

Example Phrases

  • Able to adapt to new situations
  • Willing to learn new methods and ideas
  • Can find solutions to challenges when faced with them

Example Paragraph

“Emma meets expectations when it comes to flexibility in the workplace. She is able to adapt to new situations when necessary and consistently shows a willingness to learn new methods and ideas. Emma’s ability to find solutions to challenges makes her a valuable team member.”

2 – Needs Improvement

Example Phrases

  • Struggles with adapting to new situations
  • Reluctant to learn new methods and ideas
  • Has difficulty finding solutions under pressure

Example Paragraph

“Unfortunately, John’s flexibility needs improvement, as he often struggles to adapt to new situations. He appears reluctant to learn new methods and ideas, which can sometimes hinder overall team progress. Additionally, John has difficulty finding solutions when faced with challenges, particularly under pressure.”

1 – Unacceptable

Example Phrases

  • Resistant to change and new situations
  • Unwilling to learn new methods or ideas
  • Unable to find solutions when faced with challenges

Example Paragraph

“Sarah’s flexibility is unacceptable. She consistently resists change and new situations, and displays an unwillingness to learn new methods or ideas. Her inability to find solutions when faced with challenges has negatively impacted our team’s ability to adapt and grow.”


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