Competency: Performance Review Examples (Rating 1 – 5)


Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples: Competency

5 – Outstanding

Outstanding performance rating is reserved for those who consistently excel in their roles, going above and beyond the expectations of their position. They demonstrate a strong commitment to their work, are highly skilled in their area of expertise, and often serve as role models for their peers, taking their work to new levels and inspiring others with their dedication and expertise.

Phrases Examples:

  • Consistently exceeds all goals and targets
  • Displays exceptional problem-solving abilities
  • Demonstrates excellent leadership skills

Paragraph Examples

“Jane consistently demonstrates exceptional skills and abilities in her role. Her problem-solving abilities have led to outstanding results, significantly improving overall team performance. She consistently exceeds expectations for time management, completing tasks well ahead of schedule without compromising quality. Jane’s communication is always clear and concise, making her a valuable team member with strong collaborative relationships.”

“John’s technical prowess and high level of competency allow him to excel in his role. He consistently displays a willingness to take on new challenges and adapt to changing technologies. He is an invaluable resource for the team, as his expertise is sought after by colleagues. John is known for his attention to detail, ensuring his work is completed with precision every time.”

“Susan displays an unwavering commitment to achieving the company’s goals and consistently performs at a level that exceeds expectations. She demonstrates strong analytical abilities, enabling her to make well-informed decisions that support organizational growth. Susan is a proactive and reliable employee, often suggesting new initiatives and volunteering for additional responsibilities.”

“Peter is an exceptional leader with the consistent ability to motivate his team members. His performance continuously stands out, thanks to his dedication to achieving and surpassing project objectives. He is attentive to his team’s needs and actively fosters an environment of collaboration and continuous improvement. Peter’s confident and knowledgeable demeanor is an asset to the organization.”

“Mary consistently exceeds all goals and targets. Her exceptional problem-solving abilities and excellent leadership skills have made her an invaluable asset to the team. She is always motivating her team members to push themselves to reach their full potential.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

Phrases Examples:

  • Consistently meets and often surpasses objectives
  • Develops and implements innovative solutions
  • Proactively takes on additional responsibilities

Paragraph Examples

“John consistently goes above and beyond in their role, taking on additional responsibilities and actively seeking ways to improve their performance. Their strong initiative and willingness to collaborate with colleagues have positively impacted the team’s productivity and morale. They have demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills and consistently deliver high-quality work on time. John’s proactive approach to professional development reflects their commitment to personal growth and the success of the company.”

“Sarah has displayed exceptional communication skills, fostering a positive atmosphere within the team and effectively engaging with clients. They have proven their ability to manage multiple high-priority projects without sacrificing attention to detail or quality. Sarah’s strong organizational skills and ability to anticipate potential issues have contributed to smooth project execution and successful outcomes. This individual’s performance significantly exceeds expectations, as evidenced by their impressive results and contributions to the team’s objectives.”

“David excels in stakeholder management and consistently fosters strong relationships with clients and colleagues. Their ability to navigate complex situations and negotiate effectively has resulted in numerous mutually beneficial collaborations. David demonstrates excellent leadership qualities, providing valuable guidance to team members and creating an inclusive and supportive environment. Their commitment to continuous improvement and willingness to embrace new challenges position them as a valuable asset to the organization.”

“Emily is a highly motivated individual who consistently seeks opportunities to enhance their skills and apply new learnings to their role. Their innovative thinking and creative problem-solving abilities have led to the implementation of more efficient processes and improved outcomes for the team. Emily sets an excellent example for peers, consistently demonstrating a positive attitude and a collaborative spirit. Their strong work ethic and commitment to quality are evident in the exceptional results they deliver, significantly exceeding expectations.”

“John consistently meets and often surpasses his objectives. His ability to develop and implement innovative solutions has significantly improved the team’s productivity. John proactively takes on additional responsibilities and is always eager to contribute to the success of the organization.”

3 – Meets Expectations

When an employee consistently delivers work that is of quality, accurate, and on time, it is considered that they are meeting expectations. The following phrases and examples provide a picture of what performance review phrases might look like for an employee who meets expectations.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Generally achieves established goals
  • Shows good problem-solving skills
  • Effectively collaborates with team members

Paragraph Examples

“John consistently demonstrates competence in his primary tasks. He completes projects on time and meets the quality standards set by the company. Although he may not always exceed expectations, his work is reliable, and he has a solid understanding of his role within the team. He maintains a positive attitude and cooperates well with his colleagues. To encourage continued growth, it would be beneficial for John to seek additional responsibilities or attend training to expand his skill set.”

“Sarah is an effective team member who meets expectations in her day-to-day tasks. She is proficient in her assigned duties, and her work is accurate and thorough. She has a good understanding of the company’s goals and always acts in accordance with established procedures. While she meets expectations, there may be opportunities for Sarah to go above and beyond by seeking out new challenges or offering input on process improvements.”

“Mike is a conscientious employee who consistently meets expectations. He is detail-oriented, ensuring that his work is of a high standard, and he consistently delivers results on time. His communication skills are effective both with clients and internal team members. Mike is also proactive in seeking feedback and implementing it, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement. Identifying areas where he can take on additional tasks or leadership roles will help further Mike’s career development.”

“Sarah generally achieves her established goals. She demonstrates good problem-solving skills and works effectively with her team members to overcome challenges. As a valuable contributor, Sarah helps keep projects on track and ensures team efficiency.”

2 – Needs Improvement

In this section, we will provide some examples of phrases and paragraphs that can be used when evaluating an employee’s performance in the “Needs Improvement” category.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Struggles to achieve certain goals
  • Needs guidance in problem-solving techniques
  • Requires assistance with teamwork and communication

Paragraph Examples

“John consistently puts forth an effort but may struggle to meet all their job requirements. They are often late on project deadlines and need assistance when facing challenges. In order to improve, John should seek guidance from colleagues and supervisors and prioritize tasks to better manage their time.”

“Samantha has shown improvement in their technical skills, but communication remains an area of concern. Their emails and reports may be unclear or lack essential information. Samantha should focus on enhancing their written communication skills by attending relevant training programs, proofreading their work, and asking for feedback from team members.”

“Alex has demonstrated initiative in several projects; however, their teamwork skills need improvement. They often work alone or are reluctant to share ideas and collaborate with others. This could hinder the team’s overall productivity. To address this, Alex should focus on building trust with team members and take part in team-building activities.”

“Emma has a satisfactory performance in accomplishing routine tasks but exhibits difficulty adapting to change or accepting new approaches. This resistance may have slowed progress in some projects. It is essential for Emma to develop an open mindset and embrace new tools, methods, and ideas to improve their adaptability.”

“David demonstrates a strong work ethic but struggles with time management, which sometimes leads to missed deadlines and lower-quality work. To improve their performance, David needs to prioritize tasks according to their urgency and allocate adequate time for completing them. Implementing strategies like time-blocking can help in better management and organization.”

“Mark struggles to achieve his goals and could use guidance in problem-solving techniques. His teamwork and communication skills require development to function optimally within the team. With additional support and coaching, Mark has the potential to make significant progress in his role.”

1 – Unacceptable

Employees rated as “Unacceptable” demonstrate a significant lack of competency in their job. They frequently need close supervision, and their actions might adversely impact the team’s productivity and the organization’s goals. It is crucial for managers to address these issues and provide support to help the employee improve and reach an acceptable level of performance.

  • Lack of initiative: The employee consistently fails to take initiative and requires constant supervision to complete tasks. They do not show the needed motivation to improve their performance.
  • Poor time management: The employee has not demonstrated an ability to manage their workload effectively, consistently missing deadlines and causing delays for their colleagues.
  • Unreliable: The employee is often absent without notice and fails to meet their commitments, resulting in disruptions to the team’s operations and project timelines.
  • Inadequate communication skills: The employee consistently struggles to express their ideas or understand instructions from their team members, causing confusion and miscommunications.
  • Unwillingness to adapt: The employee resists change and does not make an effort to learn new skills or adapt to new situations, thereby hindering the progress of the team and the organization as a whole.
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Phrases Examples:

  • Does not achieve established goals
  • Fails to find solutions to problems independently
  • Has difficulties collaborating with team members

Paragraph Examples

“John consistently fails to meet deadlines, leading to increased pressure on fellow team members. His lack of time management and organizational skills has hindered the team’s overall progress. John needs to immediately address these issues and develop a plan to improve his performance.”

“Emily has shown an inability to work efficiently within the team environment. She demonstrates poor communication skills, often creating misunderstandings and conflicts among colleagues. It is crucial for Emily to seek professional development opportunities to enhance her communication abilities and become an effective team player.”

“Michael has not shown a willingness to take on new tasks or seek learning opportunities to increase his competencies. This lack of initiative results in limited contributions to the team’s overall performance. For Michael to improve, he must actively seek feedback and take responsibility for his personal growth to meet the required expectations.”

“Samantha is consistently unresponsive to feedback from peers and supervisors. She has not shown any effort to implement the suggested changes to her work habits, which has hindered her growth and performance. Samantha must become receptive to feedback and take the necessary steps to make improvements in her role.”

“David exhibits a negative attitude and regularly discourages team efforts to achieve project goals. This behavior affects the overall team morale and productivity. To move forward, David must adopt a collaborative approach and work on building positive relationships with his colleagues.”

“Mary fails to meet established goals and lacks the initiative to find solutions to problems independently. She is consistently falling behind and has difficulties collaborating with team members. Immediate intervention and support are necessary to improve Mary’s performance.”

Performance Review Questions: Competency

1. Did the employee meet the goals and objectives set for them during the review period?
2. Did the employee demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job effectively?
3. Did the employee show initiative and take on additional responsibilities beyond their job description?
4. Did the employee work collaboratively with their colleagues and contribute to a positive team environment?
5. Did the employee demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow professionally?
6. Did the employee consistently meet deadlines and produce high-quality work?
7. Did the employee handle challenges and setbacks effectively, and seek help when needed?
8. Did the employee adhere to company policies and procedures, and demonstrate ethical behavior?
9. Did the employee communicate effectively with their supervisor and colleagues, and seek feedback to improve their performance?
10. Did the employee demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment to their job?

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