Customer Service Skills: 25 Performance Review Phrases Examples

Effective customer service skills are crucial to the success of any organization, and monitoring and evaluating employee performance in this area allows businesses to identify areas of strength and those in need of improvement.

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Questions to Determine an Employee’s Customer Service Skills

  1. How well does the employee communicate with customers? Are they able to listen actively and respond appropriately to customer inquiries and concerns?
  2. How effectively does the employee resolve customer complaints? Are they able to find solutions that satisfy the customer while also adhering to company policies and procedures?
  3. How knowledgeable is the employee about the company’s products and services? Are they able to provide accurate information and make recommendations to customers?
  4. How well does the employee handle difficult or challenging customer interactions? Are they able to remain calm and professional in the face of frustration or anger?
  5. How consistently does the employee deliver high-quality customer service? Are they able to maintain a positive attitude and provide excellent service even during busy or stressful periods?

Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples For Customer Service Skills


5 – Outstanding

A customer service representative with an outstanding rating of 5 consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service skills. They consistently exceed customers’ expectations and handle difficult situations with ease. Their communication is clear and concise, and they often go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

These employees are natural leaders, setting a positive example for their peers. They are skilled problem-solvers and demonstrate empathy and understanding towards customers. They regularly receive positive feedback from customers and have a track record of successfully resolving issues.

Paragraph Example 1

“Jane consistently goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Her excellent communication skills and empathetic nature have resulted in numerous positive customer reviews and repeat business. She handles difficult situations with grace and professionalism, making her an invaluable member of the team.”

Paragraph Example 2

“Mary has consistently demonstrated a high level of proficiency in customer service skills. With a blend of patience, empathy, and active listening, she has been able to resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently. In several instances, Jane has gone above and beyond in assisting customers, resulting in positive feedback and increased customer satisfaction levels. Her attention to detail and dedication to providing a seamless experience make her an exceptional customer service representative.”

Paragraph Example 3

“Mark has consistently exceeded expectations in building rapport with customers and maintaining long-term relationships. He takes pride in personalizing interactions, allowing him to better understand the customers’ needs and concerns. Mark proactively anticipates customer requirements and provides relevant solutions before it becomes an issue. By utilizing exceptional communication skills and consistently following up, Mark has played an integral role in reducing churn and retaining numerous customers.”

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Paragraph Example 4

“Sarah has proven to be an invaluable asset in supporting and coaching her fellow team members in customer service skills. She actively shares her knowledge and expertise, improving the overall skillset of the team. Sarah takes the initiative to stay up-to-date with company policies and procedures, ensuring that customers receive accurate and up-to-date information. Her organizational skills and time management capabilities allow her to handle a high volume of inquiries without sacrificing quality.”

Paragraph Example 5

“Thomas is a great example of someone who consistently exceeds expectations in problem-solving and decision-making. He remains objective and level-headed while addressing customer complaints, enabling him to find the best possible outcome for both the customer and the company. Thomas demonstrates strong analytical skills, allowing him to identify patterns in recurring issues, and works with other departments to implement long-term solutions. His proactive approach significantly contributes to the overall improvement of customer service processes and procedures.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

An employee who exceeds expectations with a rating of 4 also provides excellent customer service. They often go beyond their job duties to help customers, and their interactions consistently result in satisfied customers. They possess strong communication skills and actively listen to customers’ needs to find effective solutions.

These employees show a knack for developing rapport with customers and always treat them with respect. They follow up on customer inquiries promptly and show a genuine interest in their customers’ experiences. Their performance contributes positively to the team and the company’s reputation for great customer service.

Paragraph Example

“John frequently exceeds customer expectations by providing detailed and accurate information to address their inquiries. His active listening skills and patience contribute to his ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. He understands the value of building long-term customer relationships and works diligently to achieve this goal.”

3 – Meets Expectations

An employee who meets expectations with a rating of 3 provides satisfactory customer service. They consistently follow established policies and procedures while handling customer interactions. Their communication skills meet the standard requirements, and they are capable of addressing most customer needs.

These representatives are reliable and maintain a professional demeanor when interacting with customers. They are competent in their job duties and handle most customer interactions without issue. They may require occasional guidance, but they consistently perform at an acceptable level.

Paragraph Example 1

“Mary meets the expectations for customer service by consistently providing polite and knowledgeable support. Her calm demeanor helps customers feel at ease, and she addresses their concerns in a timely manner. Mary contributes positively to the team and consistently meets her performance goals.”

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Paragraph Example 2

“Jane consistently demonstrates a strong understanding of customer needs and is able to communicate effectively with them. She greets customers with a warm smile and always maintains a positive attitude, creating a pleasant atmosphere for interactions. Jane listens attentively to customer concerns and provides accurate, timely information. She successfully resolves issues and ensures that customers leave satisfied with the support they received.”

Paragraph Example 3

“John has shown a solid commitment to providing exceptional customer service. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, often offering additional assistance when needed. John displays good problem-solving abilities and is able to assist customers in finding resolutions to their concerns. He is respectful and courteous in all interactions, thereby maintaining strong customer relationships.”

Paragraph Example 4

“Sarah has consistently shown a strong ability to connect with customers on a personal level. She effectively builds rapport by asking questions and displaying empathy to gain a deeper understanding of their needs. Sarah provides clear and concise explanations when addressing customer inquiries and is thorough in her follow-up, ensuring there are no unresolved concerns. She is proficient in deescalating challenging situations and making customers feel heard and understood.”

Paragraph Example 5

“Tom’s customer service skills are on par with the expectations set by the company. He maintains professionalism in all interactions and communicates well with customers, providing the necessary information to address their needs promptly. Tom remains calm during high-pressure situations and works efficiently to resolve them to the best of his ability. His positive demeanor and commitment to serving customers contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

2 – Needs Improvement

Customer service representatives who need improvement, with a rating of 2, may struggle in certain aspects of their job duties. They may have difficulty effectively communicating with customers or lack the necessary problem-solving skills to resolve issues. Their customer interactions may not always result in a positive outcome, and they may receive some negative feedback.

These employees should focus on improving their skills by seeking guidance and training. Continued observation and constructive feedback can help them identify areas for improvement and work towards better performance.

Paragraph Example 1

“Jack often appears distracted when assisting customers, leading to incomplete resolutions and dissatisfaction. He would benefit from additional training in active listening and communication to strengthen his customer service skills. By focusing on improving these areas, Jack has the potential to contribute more effectively to the team.”

Paragraph Example 2

“Jane has been facing difficulties in handling customer complaints promptly and effectively during the past quarter. While she demonstrates the willingness to help customers, her problem-solving skills need improvement to address their concerns efficiently. Providing more training and support in this area could help Jane enhance her abilities and improve customer satisfaction.”

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Paragraph Example 3

“Mike’s communication with customers has been inconsistent in tone and clarity. There have been instances where customers were unclear about the information provided or felt the response lacked empathy. To improve, Mike should work on refining his communication style and demonstrate a genuine understanding of the customer’s needs. Participating in workshops or seeking feedback from colleagues could offer valuable insights into improving his customer service skills.”

Paragraph Example 4

“Susan’s time management skills require attention as she frequently takes longer than the expected time to respond to customer inquiries. This delay can result in dissatisfaction and frustration for customers waiting for assistance. Susan should focus on organizing her tasks and prioritize addressing customer issues within the company’s assigned timeframe. Regular check-ins with team leads could help Susan monitor her progress and identify areas for improvement.”

Paragraph Example 5

“Bob occasionally fails to follow up with customers after their initial interaction, creating a lack of closure or resolution for their concerns. This failure can lead to customer dissatisfaction and damage the company’s reputation. In order to improve, Bob must develop a system to ensure timely follow-ups and keep accurate records of customer interactions. Undergoing additional training and seeking guidance from experienced colleagues could help Bob refine his approach to customer follow-ups.”

1 – Unacceptable

A rating of 1 indicates unacceptable performance in customer service. These employees consistently fail to meet the basic requirements of their job. They may be unable to handle customer inquiries effectively or lack the necessary communication skills to address customer concerns satisfactorily.

Their performance negatively impacts the team and the company’s reputation. Immediate intervention with clear expectations and an improvement plan is necessary for these employees. Failure to improve may result in disciplinary action or termination.

Paragraph Example

“Unfortunately, Susan’s customer service skills are consistently below company standards. She often seems disinterested in helping customers, and her lack of empathy results in numerous complaints. This negatively impacts the team and overall customer experience. Immediate and significant improvement in Susan’s customer service skills is necessary for her continued employment.”

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