Job Knowledge: 25 Performance Review Phrases Examples

Performance Review Phrases: Job Knowledge

Questions to determine an employee’s job knowledge

1. Does the employee have a thorough understanding of their job responsibilities and duties?
2. Has the employee demonstrated a strong ability to apply their knowledge and skills to complete tasks and projects effectively?
3. Has the employee shown a willingness to learn and adapt to changes in their role or the organization?
4. Has the employee consistently demonstrated a high level of accuracy and attention to detail in their work?
5. Has the employee shown a good understanding of the company’s products, services, and industry?
6. Has the employee demonstrated a strong understanding of the company’s policies, procedures, and systems?
7. Has the employee shown a good understanding of the company’s mission, vision, and values?
8. Has the employee shown a good understanding of the expectations and requirements of their role and how it fits into the larger organization?
9. Has the employee demonstrated a strong ability to solve problems and make decisions based on their knowledge and experience?
10. Has the employee shown a willingness to share their knowledge and expertise with others in the organization?

Once these questions have been addressed, assigning a rating based on the employee’s performance in these areas becomes more manageable. The ratings can be categorized as follows:

  • 5 – Outstanding: The employee demonstrates exceptional knowledge and exceeds expectations in all areas.
  • 4 – Exceeds Expectations: The employee has a strong understanding and often goes above and beyond what is required.
  • 3 – Meets Expectations: The employee maintains an appropriate level of knowledge and performs adequately in their role.
  • 2 – Needs Improvement: Some gaps in the employee’s understanding may hinder their performance, requiring further training or mentorship.
  • 1 – Unacceptable: The employee displays a significant lack of knowledge, greatly affecting their job performance, and immediate action is necessary.

5 – Outstanding

An employee who receives an “Outstanding” rating consistently demonstrates exceptional knowledge and skill in their job role. They are considered experts in their field and often serve as a resource for others in the organization. This employee goes above and beyond in their work, showcasing their expertise to drive significant results and contribute to the success of the company as a whole.

Phrases Examples:

  • Demonstrates expert understanding of job responsibilities
  • Consistently seeks opportunities to expand knowledge base
  • Becomes the go-to resource for others in the organization
  • Consistently demonstrates exceptional understanding of job tasks and responsibilities
  • Quickly grasps new concepts and adapts to changes in the work environment
  • Regularly goes above and beyond to expand knowledge and expertise beyond job requirements
  • Serves as a go-to resource for colleagues seeking guidance and clarification on job tasks
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Paragraph Examples:

“She consistently demonstrates exceptional knowledge in her job responsibilities, making her a reliable subject matter expert within the team. Her vast understanding of processes and procedures allows her to perform tasks smoothly and efficiently.”

“He continually seeks opportunities to expand his job knowledge, attending workshops, conferences, and training, which demonstrates his dedication to professional growth. His expertise directly contributes to the team’s success.”

“Jennifer has consistently demonstrated an outstanding level of job knowledge throughout the review period. Her in-depth understanding of the processes and tools enables her to work efficiently and produce high-quality work. Her expertise has made her an invaluable resource for her team and the entire organization. She frequently seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and is always eager to share her insights with other team members.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

An employee with a rating of “Exceeds Expectations” shows strong job knowledge and consistently performs at a high level. This employee understands their role and responsibilities and applies that knowledge to effectively complete tasks and achieve goals. These individuals may also share their knowledge with others and take on additional responsibilities to support the success of their team and organization.

Phrases Examples:

  • Possesses strong job knowledge and expertise
  • Routinely applies knowledge to improve work processes
  • Often assists others with their tasks and responsibilities
  • Frequently displays a solid understanding of job-related tasks and responsibilities
  • Often seeks to learn new skills and improve existing knowledge
  • Actively shares acquired knowledge with team members to enhance overall performance
  • Maintains a proactive approach to solving problems and tackling new challenges

Paragraph Examples:

“Robert has exceeded expectations in his job knowledge during the review period. His strong expertise and understanding of his role contribute to his ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. He actively applies his knowledge to improve work processes and is frequently sought out for assistance by his peers.”

“She consistently shows solid job knowledge and is proactive in keeping herself up-to-date with industry trends. She often shares new insights and information, elevating the team’s overall competence.”

“He has a strong understanding of his job responsibilities, and consistently exceeds expectations in his deliverables. Coworkers frequently seek his guidance and expertise when faced with complex tasks.”

3 – Meets Expectations

An employee rated as “Meets Expectations” exhibits a solid understanding of their job responsibilities and possesses the necessary skills to perform their role effectively. This rating indicates that the employee is meeting the baseline expectations of their position, contributing to the team, and overall organizational goals. These employees generally require minimal supervision and complete tasks within an acceptable time frame.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Has satisfactory knowledge of job responsibilities
  • Able to complete tasks with minimal supervision
  • Demonstrates willingness to learn and grow
  • Adequately understands job tasks and responsibilities
  • Continuously seeks to maintain and improve knowledge within their role
  • Participates in job-related trainings and applies acquired skills effectively
  • Sufficiently assists colleagues when questions or issues arise related to their area of expertise

Paragraph Examples:

“Samantha meets expectations in her job knowledge and understanding of her role. She is able to complete tasks with minimal supervision and consistently meets deadlines. Samantha demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow in her role by attending training sessions and seeking feedback from peers and managers.”

“They display the necessary job knowledge required for their role, consistently meeting expectations in their work performance. They demonstrate a good understanding of company processes and are effective in applying that knowledge to their daily tasks.”

“She is familiar with her job responsibilities and has the required knowledge to fulfill her role. She meets the expectations of her position and contributes positively to the team.”

2 – Needs Improvement

“Needs Improvement” rating signals that an employee is struggling in some areas related to their job knowledge and performance. This employee may require additional training, guidance, or support to enhance their skills and improve their overall effectiveness. While these employees may show potential, they consistently struggle to meet the desired performance levels and may impact the team’s ability to achieve its goals.

Phrases Examples:

  • Lacks necessary knowledge to perform tasks efficiently
  • Requires assistance to complete routine tasks
  • Struggles to keep up with changes in the job or industry
  • Occasionally struggles to grasp job-related tasks and responsibilities
  • Needs encouragement to seek additional training and enhance knowledge in their role
  • Demonstrates difficulty applying learned skills to daily tasks
  • Requires regular assistance from colleagues and supervisors to complete job tasks

Paragraph Examples:

“Michael’s job knowledge needs improvement, as he often lacks the necessary understanding to perform tasks efficiently. He frequently requires assistance to complete routine tasks, which can slow down overall team progress. Michael is encouraged to seek additional training opportunities to increase his expertise and adapt to changes in the job and industry.”

“He has a basic understanding of his job responsibilities, but sometimes struggles to apply that knowledge effectively. There is room for improvement in enhancing his job knowledge to optimize work performance.”

“She occasionally displays gaps in her job knowledge, which can sometimes impact her productivity and effectiveness. Encouraging her to attend additional training or seek guidance from team members can help address these issues.”

1 – Unacceptable

Finally, an “Unacceptable” rating is an indication that the employee’s job knowledge and performance are significantly below the expected standard. This employee either does not demonstrate the necessary skills and understanding of their role or consistently fails to apply that knowledge to their work. This deficiency in performance can lead to detrimental effects on the department or organization and may warrant disciplinary action, further training, and support, or potentially termination.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Demonstrates little to no understanding of job responsibilities
  • Consistently fails to complete tasks or meet deadlines
  • Displays disinterest in learning or improving job knowledge
  • Lacks understanding of job tasks and responsibilities
  • Rarely makes an effort to learn new skills or improve existing knowledge
  • Fails to apply acquired skills and knowledge when faced with challenges
  • Frequently relies on the assistance of others to complete tasks and meet job expectations

Paragraph Examples:

“Susan’s job knowledge is unacceptable, as she demonstrates little to no understanding of her responsibilities. She consistently fails to complete tasks or meet deadlines, negatively impacting her team’s performance. Susan has also displayed disinterest in learning or improving her job knowledge, despite being provided with numerous opportunities for growth.”

“He consistently demonstrates a lack of understanding regarding his job responsibilities, leading to errors and delays in completing tasks. Immediate attention and remedial actions are required to improve his job knowledge and performance.”

“She often relies on colleagues for guidance and support due to her limited job knowledge, which negatively impacts the team’s productivity. An urgent intervention, such as a targeted training program, is necessary to address these concerns.”


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