Analytical Skills: Performance Review Examples (Rating 1 – 5)

Evaluating an employee’s analytical skills in a performance review provides valuable feedback that can help them develop and hone these abilities further. Doing so can lead to improved job performance and better decision-making.

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Performance Review Questions: Analytical Skills

1. Does the employee seek out feedback and use it to improve their analytical skills? Are they open to learning new techniques and approaches to problem-solving?
2. How does the employee approach problem-solving? Are they able to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable tasks?
3. Does the employee use data and research to inform their decisions? How do they gather and analyze information to make informed decisions?
4. How well does the employee identify patterns and trends? Are they able to spot potential issues before they become major problems?
5. Can the employee think creatively and outside the box when it comes to problem-solving? Are they able to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems?
6. How well does the employee prioritize tasks and manage their time to meet deadlines? Do they use their analytical skills to determine which tasks are most important and require the most attention?


Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples: Analytical Skills


5 – Outstanding

Employees who demonstrate outstanding analytical skills are able to quickly absorb information, recognize patterns, and make well-informed decisions. When faced with complex situations, they can break them down into smaller, manageable tasks, and then reassemble the pieces to gain a clear understanding.

Phrases Examples:

  • Consistently displays an impressive ability to analyze large amounts of data and draw useful conclusions.
  • Expertly identifies critical factors and addresses them effectively in his decision-making process.
  • Consistently demonstrates exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • Proactively identifies issues and develops innovative solutions.
  • Exhibits a keen ability to analyze complex data and draw comprehensive conclusions.
  • Exceptional ability to analyze complex data and patterns.
  • Consistently anticipates potential problems and develops solutions.
  • Excels at identifying trends and determining their impact on the company’s goals and objectives.

Paragraph Example:

“Samantha consistently excels in her analytical skills by applying her expertise when working on complex projects. Her ability to identify patterns and trends in data is remarkable, as it has led to numerous business-saving insights. Samantha also consistently anticipates potential problems, enabling her team to develop effective solutions before the issues escalate.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

An employee who exceeds expectations in analytical skills demonstrates a high level of aptitude in identifying and solving problems. They have a keen sense of which factors should be prioritized, and they can synthesize information from various sources to arrive at sound conclusions.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Excels at evaluating multiple solutions to find the most effective and efficient approach.
  • Can effortlessly adapt his analytical methods to suit a variety of situations.
  • Frequently employs a logical and systematic approach to solving problems.
  • Effectively identifies potential issues and proposes suitable solutions.
  • Skilled at analyzing data and making well-informed decisions.
  • Regularly demonstrates strong analytical skills when working on projects.
  • Successfully applies knowledge to identify insights and potential opportunities.
  • Adept at forecasting trends and implications accurately, benefiting overall business decisions.

Paragraph Example:

“Tom has proven time and again that his analytical skills surpass expectations. He successfully applies his knowledge to pinpoint valuable insights and uncover new business opportunities. His proficiency in forecasting trends and their implications has resulted in better decision-making and a positive impact on our company.”

3 – Meets Expectations

Meeting expectations in analytical skills means an employee is able to effectively solve problems and make decisions using relevant information and critical thinking. They can make sense of available data, and recognize when more information is needed.

Phrases Examples:

  • Demonstrates a satisfactory level of analytical thinking.
  • Can identify issues and offer workable solutions.
  • Capable of examining data and making appropriate decisions.
  • Adequate analytical skills showcased when needed.
  • Generally able to identify patterns and trends in data.
  • Can usually devise solutions to problems, given adequate time and resources.

Paragraph Example:

“Sarah meets expectations in her role when it comes to analytical skills. She shows an ability to work with data, but sometimes requires additional time and resources before arriving at a solution. Sarah is generally able to recognize patterns and trends, but improvement in this area would lead to greater success in her role.”

2 – Needs Improvement

An employee who needs improvement in analytical skills may struggle to gather essential information, or they may overlook crucial details when making decisions. They may have difficulty breaking down complex problems, or they may struggle with seeing the broader implications of their decisions.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Struggles with conducting thorough data analysis.
  • Sometimes lacks a logical approach to problem-solving.
  • May occasionally overlook crucial details when making decisions.
  • Struggles to interpret complex data accurately.
  • Often overlooks important patterns and trends in the information.
  • Lacks confidence in suggesting solutions to problems based on analysis.

Paragraph Example:

“John struggles with his analytical skills and often has difficulty interpreting complex data. This has led to missing important patterns and trends that could provide valuable insights. Additionally, he lacks the confidence to suggest solutions based on his analysis and could benefit from additional training or mentorship in this area.”

1 – Unacceptable

An employee with unacceptable analytical skills may consistently make poor decisions or fail to recognize and solve problems. They can overlook important information or fail to see the connections between different pieces of data, which can lead to significant harm to projects or business operations.

Phrases Examples:

  • Fails to demonstrate basic problem-solving skills.
  • Lacks the ability to analyze data and make informed decisions.
  • Consistently overlooks important details, leading to poor choices.
  • Fails to demonstrate basic analytical skills.
  • Largely unable to accurately interpret data or discern patterns.
  • Regularly makes poor decisions or recommendations based on flawed analysis.

Paragraph Example:

“(Employee) consistently demonstrates an outstanding level of analytical skills. He frequently examines complex data and uses logic to draw comprehensive conclusions. As a result, he has become an essential member of the team, proactively identifying issues and developing innovative solutions. We encourage (Employee) to continue refining his analytical abilities and sharing his expertise with colleagues.”

“Jane’s analytical skills are alarmingly lacking for her role. She consistently fails to demonstrate even the most basic understanding of interpreting data and discerning patterns. Consequently, her poor decisions and recommendations have significant ramifications for the business. Immediate intervention is necessary to address this unacceptable performance.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common phrases used to evaluate analytical skills in a performance review?

  • Consistently identifies and addresses complex issues in a timely manner
  • Skillfully solves problems by analyzing relevant information
  • Demonstrates excellent attention to detail and accuracy in analyzing data
  • Frequently anticipates challenges and proactively develops strategies to overcome them
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What are example phrases for assessing outstanding analytical skills in a performance review?

  • Expertly applies advanced analytical techniques to optimize efficiency and productivity
  • Seamlessly identifies and implements innovative data-driven solutions
  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of complex issues and consistently provides sound recommendations
  • Excels at identifying significant trends and anticipating their impact on the business

How can an employee with excellent analytical abilities be described in a performance review?

Example: “Samantha’s exceptional analytical skills greatly contribute to the success of her projects. She consistently provides data-driven insights that improve decision-making and drive results. Samantha has a keen eye for identifying and addressing potentially overlooked factors and does not hesitate to offer well-reasoned alternative solutions.”

What phrases are typically used when an employee’s analytical skills need improvement?

  • Struggles to provide well-reasoned recommendations based on data analysis
  • Encountering difficulty in identifying patterns or trends within data sets
  • Requires additional guidance when faced with complex problems or issues
  • Can benefit from further training in data analysis or problem-solving techniques

How can one address unacceptable analytical skills in a performance review?

Example: “Robert has consistently demonstrated difficulties in applying analytical thinking to his work. This has resulted in missed opportunities for data-driven decision-making and inefficient problem-solving. He is encouraged to seek additional training and support to improve his understanding and application of analytical techniques. It is essential that he shows significant progress in this area for his future success within the team.”

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