Interpersonal Skills: 25 Performance Review Phrases Examples

Interpersonal skills, which include communication, empathy, teamwork, and collaboration, are critical for success in the workplace. Employees who excel in this area typically enhance team performance, improve workplace dynamics, and foster positive working relationships. In performance reviews, managers need clear and concise phrases and paragraphs to effectively evaluate and communicate an employee’s interpersonal abilities.

Questions to Determine Employee’s Interpersonal Skills

  1. How effectively does the employee communicate with colleagues and clients?
  2. Does the employee demonstrate empathy and understanding towards others?
  3. How well does the employee handle conflict and difficult situations?
  4. Does the employee work well in a team environment and contribute positively to group dynamics?
  5. Does the employee demonstrate leadership qualities and inspire others?

Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples for Interpersonal Skills

5 – Outstanding

Example Phrases

  • He consistently fosters positive team dynamics and contributes to a harmonious work environment.
  • She excels in active listening and always offers thoughtful feedback and suggestions.
  • They demonstrate exceptional empathy and compassion in their interactions with colleagues.
  • She effectively mediates conflicts, helping team members navigate difficult conversations and find solutions.
  • He goes above and beyond to be approachable, accessible, and receptive to others’ ideas and needs.
  • Builds rapport effortlessly with everyone they interact with.
  • Exceptional at collaborating and fostering a positive team environment.
  • Consistently demonstrates high empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives.

Paragraph Example 1

“Jane has an outstanding ability to connect and communicate with her colleagues. She consistently creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that fosters collaboration and teamwork. Her empathy and ability to read nonverbal cues are exceptional and greatly appreciated by her teammates.”

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Paragraph Example 2

“John is a role model when it comes to interpersonal skills. He fosters a positive work environment by continuously encouraging open communication and maintains strong relationships with his colleagues. His ability to actively listen and provide constructive feedback has significantly improved the flow of ideas within the team. John’s exceptional empathy and understanding have also made him the go-to person for resolving any conflicts that may arise.”

Paragraph Example 3

“Sarah’s interpersonal skills are truly outstanding. She has successfully created a culture within her team where everyone feels valued and heard. In addition to her strong communication and active listening abilities, Sarah excels at resolving conflicts quickly and efficiently, which has greatly contributed to the team’s cohesion and productivity. Her empathetic nature and genuine concern for the well-being of her colleagues have made her an invaluable asset to the company.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

An employee with a rating of 4 for exceeding expectations in interpersonal skills displays a consistently high level of empathy and understanding in their interactions with colleagues. They listen attentively to others and communicate their thoughts with clarity, ensuring that misunderstandings are minimized.

Example Phrases

  • Consistently demonstrates empathy and understanding in interactions with others
  • Regularly engages in active listening and clear communication
  • Effectively navigates conflicts and resolves issues in a respectful manner
  • Builds strong relationships with colleagues and fosters teamwork
  • Serves as a positive role model for others in regards to interpersonal skills
  • Exhibits strong active listening skills in group settings
  • Supports teammates with constructive criticism and guidance
  • Proactively shares ideas and solutions to enhance team productivity

Paragraph Example

“John frequently exceeds expectations in his interpersonal skills by actively listening to his teammates and providing well-thought-out feedback. His dedication to supporting others’ growth and proactively addressing potential issues demonstrates his commitment to the team’s success.”

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3 – Meets Expectations

An employee with a Rating 3 in interpersonal skills exhibits a satisfactory level of competence in working with others. They tend to communicate in a clear and concise manner, which keeps their relationships with colleagues and clients strong, while avoiding misunderstandings and miscommunications. This employee is generally seen to be open to cooperative efforts, willingly seeking common ground within the team in order to achieve mutual objectives.

Such an employee demonstrates an ability to listen effectively to their peers, superiors, and subordinates, thereby fostering collaboration and cohesion within the workplace. Their willingness to hear others out and allow adequate space for the expression of thoughts and opinions contributes to a more balanced and inclusive environment. Additionally, their respectful attitude and politeness towards others helps to maintain a positive and professional atmosphere.

Example Phrases

  • Demonstrates a satisfactory aptitude for communicating with colleagues and clients
  • Actively seeks common ground when working in a team environment
  • Typically listens well, allowing others to express their opinions and thoughts
  • Shows politeness and respect toward peers, superiors, and subordinates
  • Occasionally offers insightful input and proposes ideas during group discussions
  • Maintains professional relationships with peers and co-workers.
  • Effectively communicates thoughts and ideas to the team.
  • Open to receiving feedback and shows willingness to improve.

Paragraph Example

“Sarah meets the expected level of interpersonal skills in her role. She maintains a professional demeanor with her peers, effectively communicates her thoughts, and is open to receiving feedback. Although there is room for growth, Sarah’s performance is consistent with the expectations for her role.”

2 – Needs Improvement

Example Phrases

  • Struggles with active listening during meetings
  • Has difficulty expressing thoughts clearly and concisely
  • Fails to recognize non-verbal cues from coworkers
  • Tends to dominate conversations without allowing input from others
  • Often expresses negative emotions, creating a tense work environment
  • Struggles to maintain positive, constructive communication with peers.
  • Occasionally seems disengaged during team interactions.
  • Reluctant to provide or accept feedback from colleagues.
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Paragraph Example 1

“James exhibits interpersonal skills that need improvement. He has difficulty maintaining positive and productive communication with his peers, and he sometimes appears disengaged during team interactions. James should work on being more receptive to feedback and actively participating in discussions to enhance his performance.

1 – Unacceptable

Example Phrases

  • Consistently dismissive or unresponsive to colleagues’ input.
  • Causes friction within the team due to uncooperative behavior.
  • Fails to demonstrate basic empathy or understanding of others’ needs.

Paragraph Example

“Jane’s interpersonal skills are currently at an unacceptable level. She frequently dismisses or ignores input from her colleagues, causing significant friction within the team. Her lack of empathy and unwillingness to cooperate hinder the team’s overall performance. Immediate improvement is necessary to ensure the team’s success.”

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