Teamwork Skills: 25 Performance Review Phrases Examples

This article provides performance review phrases and paragraph examples for assessing teamwork skills, which can be tailored to meet the needs of specific positions.


Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples for Teamwork

To help guide your evaluations, here is a list of performance review phrases that can be used to describe an employee’s teamwork skills, categorized by rating:

5 – Outstanding

An employee who receives an outstanding rating (5 out of 5) in teamwork demonstrates the ability to collaborate effectively with others, take on responsibilities for team success, and contribute positively to the overall group dynamic. They actively contribute to team discussions, eagerly engage in problem-solving, and assume responsibilities willingly. This employee fosters a cooperative environment and supports their team members at all times.

Phrases Examples:

  • Consistently fosters a collaborative atmosphere within the team.
  • Actively engages and supports the ideas of others.
  • Demonstrates exceptional communication skills and facilitates effective problem-solving within the team.
  • Proactively shares resources and knowledge with teammates to enhance overall team performance.
  • Consistently fosters a culture of collaboration and supports team goals.
  • Goes above and beyond to help team members when needed.
  • Proactively shares knowledge and expertise with others to contribute to the team’s overall success.
  • Consistently works well with team members, creating a positive atmosphere and fostering group cohesion.
  • Proactively shares knowledge, resources, and expertise with co-workers to support collaboration and deliver results.
  • Recognizes and respects the diverse strengths and abilities of each team member, leveraging them to improve team performance.
  • Actively participates in team meetings, contributing ideas and helping drive decision-making.
  • Adapts to changing team dynamics and demonstrates flexibility in working styles

Paragraph Examples:

“Mary consistently demonstrates outstanding teamwork, contributing significantly to the success of her team. She engages positively with colleagues, actively participating in team discussions, and proactively sharing insights, experience, and resources to facilitate collaboration. Mary respects the diverse strengths and abilities of her teammates, leveraging their individual skills to improve overall team performance. Her adaptability and willingness to align her working style with the needs of her colleagues set the stage for a positive and cohesive team atmosphere.”

“Jane consistently demonstrates outstanding teamwork abilities. She is always eager to help her colleagues and actively seeks out opportunities to share her knowledge and expertise with others. She communicates effectively and respectfully with all team members, which has contributed to a positive and productive work atmosphere. Additionally, Jane’s proactive approach to problem-solving has led to significant improvements in our team’s performance. Her dedication to collaboration and her commitment to the success of the entire team are commendable.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

Employees who exceed expectations consistently go above and beyond their job roles and demonstrate exceptional teamwork skills. They often take on additional responsibilities, share their knowledge with others, and foster a collaborative work environment. These employees excel at engaging with their peers, quickly resolving any conflicts, and putting the team’s goals above their personal ambitions.

  • Consistently seeks opportunities for collaboration: Proactively initiates joint efforts with colleagues, brings fresh ideas to the table, and is highly respected as a team player.
  • Demonstrates strong conflict resolution skills: Effectively navigates challenging situations and enables team members to reach a common understanding, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the group.
  • Adapts positively to team dynamics: Recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates, adjusts their approach accordingly, and helps in enhancing the overall performance of the team.
  • Exemplary communication skills: Clearly conveys ideas and information, listens attentively to others, and fosters open dialogue to promote a healthy exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • Shares expertise and knowledge generously: Actively offers assistance to peers, willingly imparts valuable insights and information, and contributes to the overall growth and development of team members.
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Phrases Examples:

  • Often takes the initiative to work collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Encourages open dialogue within the team and offers constructive feedback.
  • Readily adapts to new team dynamics and cooperates effectively with diverse personalities.
  • Habitually assists others in completing tasks and overcoming obstacles.
  • Frequently volunteers to assist coworkers in completing tasks.
  • Offers insightful solutions and suggestions that improve the team’s performance.
  • Actively participates in team discussions and works well with others.
  • Frequently contributes ideas to support team objectives
  • Actively seeks and offers assistance to teammates
  • Demonstrates excellent conflict resolution skills

Paragraph Examples:

“Jane consistently seeks opportunities for collaboration with her colleagues and often initiates joint projects that benefit the entire team. She openly shares her knowledge and expertise, making her a go-to resource for her peers. In challenging situations, Jane demonstrates strong conflict resolution skills, always striving to find common ground and ensure the team’s success.”

“John has consistently exhibited exceptional teamwork abilities. He adapts quickly to team dynamics, identifying the strengths of each member and enhancing the group’s performance. With his clear communication style, John effectively conveys ideas and information, fostering an open exchange of ideas within the team. His steadfast dedication to collaboration and growth has made him an invaluable member of our organization.”

3 – Meets Expectations

Employees who meet expectations regarding teamwork demonstrate the ability to balance individual and group goals. They actively participate in group projects and collaborate effectively with their colleagues. They are also capable of resolving conflicts professionally, ensuring a harmonious and productive work environment for all team members.

Phrases Examples:

  • Shares ideas clearly and effectively with team members
  • Actively engages in team discussions, providing valuable input and feedback
  • Listens attentively to colleagues’ ideas and concerns
  • Proactively offers assistance to team members when needed
  • Works cooperatively with others to achieve shared objectives
  • Consistently meets team deadlines, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly
  • Addresses issues and conflicts in a respectful and timely manner
  • Works cooperatively with others to find mutually beneficial solutions
  • Able to navigate professional disagreements without causing tension among the team
  • Regularly contributes to team discussions and participates in group activities.
  • Effectively communicates ideas and listens to the perspectives of others.
  • Works well with teammates to complete tasks and achieve common goals.
  • Steps in to help others when needed.
  • Works effectively with team members to complete tasks on time.
  • Actively participates in team meetings and contributes ideas.
  • Offers assistance to coworkers when needed and is reliable.
  • Generally supports team goals and collaborates effectively
  • Communicates efficiently with team members
  • Responds well to feedback and integrates it into work
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Paragraph Example:

“Sarah consistently meets expectations in her teamwork. Her communication and problem-solving abilities have contributed to the team’s progress toward achieving its goals, and her assistance to her colleagues ensures a cooperative work environment.”

2 – Needs Improvement

A rating of 2 – Needs Improvement indicates that the employee is struggling with some aspects of teamwork and requires support to enhance their collaborative capabilities. They may contribute infrequently in group settings or lack the necessary problem-solving skills. Improvement is needed to better support team members and foster a cooperative work environment.

  1. Struggles to effectively communicate with team members, leading to misunderstandings and delays in project completion.
  2. Hesitates to share ideas and opinions in team discussions, which can hinder the team’s ability to brainstorm and problem-solve successfully.
  3. Exhibits difficulty in managing conflicts within the team, affecting team morale and productivity.
  4. Demonstrates a lack of trust in team members, causing reluctance to delegate tasks and hindering the team’s ability to achieve objectives.

Phrases Examples:

  • Inconsistently collaborates with colleagues and occasionally demonstrates reluctance to work in a team setting.
  • Communication with team members could be improved, creating occasional confusion or miscommunication.
  • Lacks flexibility when adapting to new team dynamics or working with different personalities.
  • May not always provide assistance to others or contribute fully to the team’s success.
  • Struggles to work efficiently with other team members.
  • Can be unresponsive to requests for assistance or collaboration.
  • May have difficulty communicating clearly with teammates.
  • Occasionally struggles to effectively collaborate with team members
  • Can be hesitant to offer support or assistance to peers
  • May have difficulty listening to and incorporating others’ ideas

Paragraph Example:

“During the recent project on product development, John struggled to communicate with fellow team members effectively. He frequently overlooked input from others and failed to provide clear and timely updates as the project progressed. This lack of communication led to multiple delays and negatively impacted the overall project timeline. To enhance John’s teamwork skills, it’s essential to focus on open and transparent communication within the team, ensuring that all team members have relevant information and are able to contribute their ideas and expertise effectively.”

“Kevin has displayed some struggles in teamwork, particularly in communication and collaboration. He has occasionally neglected to contribute in group settings, which has affected team progress. Improvements in these areas would strengthen Kevin’s teamwork abilities and benefit the group.”

1 – Unacceptable

Employees with an unacceptable level of performance in teamwork might exhibit a reluctance to collaborate or an inability to contribute effectively to the team. They do not communicate or collaborate well, making it challenging for the group to accomplish its goals. Immediate action is necessary to address these issues and improve the team’s performance.

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Phrases Examples:

  • Rarely, if ever, demonstrates any willingness or ability to work cooperatively with teammates.
  • Communication is poor, leading to frequent misunderstandings and conflicts within the team.
  • Resistant to change and exhibits negative attitudes towards team collaboration.
  • Fails to contribute to team tasks or assist others in achieving common goals.
  • Often hinders teamwork by refusing to cooperate or share information.
  • Disrupts team dynamics by consistently arguing or refusing to contribute.
  • Does not contribute to a positive work environment and has difficulty collaborating.
  • Rarely contributes to team goals or projects
  • Exhibits a negative attitude that impacts team morale
  • Disregards colleagues’ ideas and feedback

Paragraph Examples:

“[Employee’s name] has consistently demonstrated outstanding teamwork skills throughout this review period. They consistently foster a collaborative atmosphere within the team, actively engaging and supporting the ideas of others. Their exceptional communication skills have facilitated effective problem-solving within the team, while their proactive sharing of resources and knowledge has significantly enhanced overall team performance. This has greatly contributed to the team’s success and created a positive work environment for all.”

“Lisa has consistently failed to demonstrate teamwork, consistently underperforming in communication and collaboration. Her lack of contribution has caused significant issues within the group, impacting their ability to reach their objectives. Immediate action must be taken to address Lisa’s teamwork deficiencies.”

Performance Review Questions: Teamwork Skill

1. How well does the employee work with others in a team setting?
2. Does the employee actively participate in team discussions and contribute to team goals?
3. How effectively does the employee communicate with team members, both verbally and in writing?
4. Does the employee take on additional responsibilities to support team members when needed?
5. How well does the employee handle conflicts or disagreements with team members?
6. Does the employee show respect for the ideas and opinions of others on the team?
7. How well does the employee collaborate with colleagues from other departments or teams?
8. Does the employee take initiative to help improve team processes or procedures?
9. How well does the employee adapt to changes within the team or organization?
10. Does the employee provide constructive feedback to team members in a respectful and professional manner?

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