Time Management Skills: 25 Performance Review Phrases Examples


Performance Review Phrases and Paragraphs Examples: Time Management

5 – Outstanding

Example Phrases

  • Consistently meets all deadlines and often delivers ahead of schedule
  • Skillfully balances multiple projects while maintaining a high level of organization
  • Demonstrates exceptional prioritization abilities and focuses on high-impact tasks
  • Always punctual and effectively manages time to complete all assigned tasks
  • Goes above and beyond to complete tasks efficiently without sacrificing quality
  • Consistently prioritizes tasks and uses time effectively to complete them ahead of schedule
  • Demonstrates exceptional organization and planning to ensure goals are met in a timely manner
  • Consistently completes tasks ahead of schedule
  • Effectively prioritizes tasks to maximize productivity
  • Demonstrates exceptional organization skills

Paragraph Examples

“Jane consistently meets all deadlines and often delivers work ahead of schedule. Her ability to effectively manage her time and prioritize high-impact tasks has led to exceptional performance on various projects. As a result, she has been a valuable asset to the team.”

“John’s skillful balance of multiple projects is noteworthy. He maintains a high level of organization and ensures all tasks are completed efficiently without sacrificing quality. His time management skills have proven to be an essential advantage for the company, contributing to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.”

“Susan has always been punctual and dependable, making her a trusted team member. Her time management skills enable her to focus on the tasks at hand while balancing competing priorities. As a result, she consistently meets expectations and often exceeds them, demonstrating her strong work ethic and dedication to success.”

4 – Exceeds Expectations

Example Phrases

  • Consistently prioritizes tasks effectively and ensures deadlines are met.
  • Successfully balances multiple projects by allocating time efficiently.
  • Proactively develops and utilizes time management tools and strategies.
  • Anticipates obstacles and consistently finds solutions to prevent delays.
  • Arrives early for meetings and regularly completes tasks ahead of schedule.
  • Frequently meets deadlines, often finishing tasks ahead of schedule.
  • Exhibits strong planning skills and effectively allocates time to tasks according to their importance.
  • Frequently meets deadlines with time to spare
  • Successfully balances multiple tasks at once
  • Maintains an organized workspace and calendar

Paragraph Examples

“Jane, a team leader in our organization, consistently showcases her ability to manage time effectively. She can prioritize her tasks and ensure that all deadlines are met without fail. With her proactive nature, she develops time-management tools and strategies which not only aid her but also help her team members in staying organized.”

“John, a marketing specialist within our company, demonstrates an exceptional ability to balance multiple projects simultaneously. He allocates his time in an efficient manner, allowing him to meet all project deadlines and maintain high-quality work. His anticipation of potential setbacks and implementation of appropriate solutions prevent any delays in project completion.”

“Susan, a customer service representative, consistently arrives early for meetings and finishes her tasks ahead of schedule. Her excellent time management skills allow her to perform at an exceptional level, exceeding expectations and making a positive impact on our organization. With her proactive attitude and ability to foresee obstacles, she continually finds ways to improve her performance and support the team’s objectives.”

3 – Meets Expectations

Example Phrases

  • Consistently meets deadlines for projects and tasks.
  • Demonstrates effective time management skills by prioritizing tasks appropriately.
  • Reliably balances multiple tasks and responsibilities without sacrificing quality.
  • Shows solid organization skills, ensuring all tasks are completed in a timely manner.
  • Sets realistic goals and follows through on commitments without micromanagement.
  • Generally uses time wisely to complete tasks on schedule.
  • Shows an ability to balance workload and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Generally meets deadlines and completes tasks on time
  • Prioritizes tasks and allocates time appropriately
  • Demonstrates adequate organization skills
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Paragraph Examples

“Julia consistently meets deadlines for her projects and tasks, demonstrating effective time management skills. She prioritizes her work appropriately and reliably balances multiple responsibilities to ensure timely completion. Julia’s organization skills contribute to her solid performance in meeting expectations.”

“Dan sets realistic goals and follows through on his commitments. His ability to work independently without micromanagement is a testament to his strong time management abilities. As a result, Dan consistently meets the expectations set for his role and demonstrates his value to the team.”

2 – Needs Improvement

Example Phrases

  • She struggles to prioritize tasks and frequently misses deadlines.
  • He often over-commits to projects, leading to unfinished tasks and poor time management.
  • They are consistently late to meetings and appointments.
  • She frequently misjudges the time it takes to complete tasks, resulting in missed deadlines.
  • He underestimates the importance of punctuality and consistently arrives late to work.
  • Occasionally struggles with meeting deadlines and managing multiple tasks.
  • Sometimes fails to prioritize tasks effectively, leading to missed deadlines or incomplete work.
  • Struggles to meet deadlines on a regular basis
  • Faces difficulty in prioritizing tasks and managing time
  • Lacks organization in personal workspace and schedule

Paragraph Examples

“Jane often experiences difficulty in managing her time effectively. She has repeatedly been observed struggling to prioritize tasks, causing her to miss deadlines and negatively impact team performance. In addition, Jane frequently over-commits to projects, which invariably results in incomplete tasks and stretched resources. It is essential for Jane to improve her time management skills in order to better support the team’s goals and deadlines in the future.”

“John’s time management skills consistently need improvement, as he is often late to meetings and appointments. This lack of punctuality not only affects the efficiency of the team but also sends a negative message regarding his commitment to his role. Furthermore, John regularly misjudges the time it takes to complete tasks, leading to missed deadlines and increased pressure on his colleagues. To better fulfil his responsibilities and contribute to the overall success of the team, John must focus on developing effective time management strategies.”

1 – Unacceptable

Example Phrases

  • Struggles to complete tasks on time, consistently missing deadlines.
  • Procrastination often leads to a backlog of work and unnecessary stress.
  • Frequently fails to prioritize tasks effectively, causing delays in projects.
  • Time management skills have not improved despite multiple coaching sessions.
  • Difficulty in making adjustments when faced with unexpected changes in workload.
  • Consistently misses deadlines and fails to manage time effectively.
  • Lacks the ability to prioritize tasks, often leading to incomplete projects and additional work for others.
  • Consistently fails to meet deadlines
  • Unable to manage time effectively
  • Personal workspace and schedule are disorganized and inefficient
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Paragraph Examples

“(Employee Name) consistently demonstrates unacceptable time management skills. They often fail to prioritize their tasks effectively, resulting in missed deadlines and delays in projects. Despite multiple coaching sessions, their skills in managing their time and workload have not improved.”

“(Employee Name)’s procrastination often contributes to a backlog of work, causing additional stress for the team and contributing to missed deadlines. Their inability to effectively manage their time has had a noticeable impact on the overall productivity and timeliness of projects.”

“In addition to struggling with prioritization, (Employee Name) regularly fails to adapt when faced with unexpected changes in their workload. This inability to adjust and reorganize their schedule to accommodate new tasks or challenges has led to a decline in their overall performance and effectiveness in their role.”

Performance Review Questions: Time Management Skills

1. How does the employee prioritize their tasks and responsibilities?
2. Does the employee complete their work on time and meet deadlines consistently?
3. How does the employee handle unexpected or urgent tasks that arise?
4. Does the employee use their time effectively and efficiently to accomplish their goals?
5. Does the employee have a system in place for managing their time and staying organized?
6. How does the employee handle interruptions or distractions during their workday?
7. Does the employee communicate effectively with their colleagues and superiors about their workload and time constraints?
8. Does the employee take ownership of their time and proactively seek out ways to improve their time management skills?
9. How does the employee balance their workload and avoid overcommitting themselves?
10. Does the employee take breaks and prioritize self-care to avoid burnout and maintain productivity?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some impactful phrases to assess time management skills?

  • “Consistently meets deadlines and maintains a high level of productivity.”
  • “Demonstrates effective planning and organizational skills.”
  • “Prioritizes tasks efficiently and focuses on important tasks.”
  • “Balances multiple projects and tasks without compromising quality.”
  • “Struggles with managing time well and frequently misses deadlines.”

How can you rate employees on time management during performance reviews?

Ratings for time management skills can be assigned as follows:

  • 5 – Outstanding: Consistently exhibits exceptional time management skills and always meets or exceeds deadlines.
  • 4 – Exceeds Expectations: Displays strong time management skills and usually completes tasks ahead of schedule.
  • 3 – Meets Expectations: Adequately manages time and meets required deadlines with quality work.
  • 2 – Needs Improvement: Has difficulty managing time effectively and requires guidance to meet deadlines.
  • 1 – Unacceptable: Continually fails to manage time well, leading to missed deadlines and poor-quality work.
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What are some positive and negative examples for time management evaluations?

Positive examples:

  • Completes tasks efficiently and accurately without sacrificing quality.
  • Effectively delegates tasks to team members based on their strengths.
  • Balances long-term projects and short-term priorities with ease.

Negative examples:

  • Consistently misses deadlines and struggles to stay on track.
  • Overwhelmed by multitasking and demonstrates difficulty prioritizing tasks.
  • Responds poorly to urgent requests, resulting in delayed or incomplete work.

Which self-performance review goals can be set to improve time management?

Employees can set the following goals to improve their time management skills:

  • Create and follow a daily to-do list to prioritize tasks.
  • Learn to delegate tasks and empower team members.
  • Set realistic deadlines and allocate sufficient time for essential tasks.
  • Regularly review and adjust workload based on priorities.
  • Seek training or guidance in time management techniques.

What should a manager include when evaluating an employee’s time management skills?

A manager should consider the following criteria when evaluating an employee’s time management skills:

  • Ability to meet deadlines and deliver quality work.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in managing tasks and priorities.
  • Adaptability to changes or urgent requests.
  • Capacity to multitask and allocate time to various projects.
  • Collaboration with team members in managing and delegating tasks.

What are examples of quality and quantity of work in regard to time management skills?

Quality of work examples:

  • Produces error-free, well-researched, and thought-out projects.
  • Offers clear, concise, and thorough work, reflecting attention to detail.
  • Develops innovative and creative solutions that exceed expectations.

Quantity of work examples:

  • Consistently completes assigned tasks ahead of schedule.
  • Manages and successfully delivers multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Maintains a steady pace of work without sacrificing quality.
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